How to work with a Project


Project is the main object of Containerum. To create a project a user needs to allocate RAM and CPU resources to the project. With Containerum a user can allocate as much of the available resources as necessary. All other system objects (deployments, services, etc.) can exist only within a Project. As part of teamwork, project owners can share their projects with other users and set access levels to build new software together.

A detailed description of the Project entity is available here.


To create a project you need to have enough available resources on your machine(s).


If you don’t have any projects yet, click on the Create project button in the Dashboard.

or go to the Projects tab in the main menu and click Add a project there.

Enter the name and choose the right amount of resources for your project and click Create project.

  • Name - can include a-z, 0-9, -. Example: test-project.

  • CPU (in mCPU)- must be number. Example: 512.

  • RAM - must be number. Example: 500.

That’s it, the project has been created.


You can view the list of all your projects in the Dashboard.

Or you can view them in the Projects tab of the main menu.


To change the resources allocated to a project, click Resize in the project context menu. The menu is available

  • in the Dashboard:

  • in the Project tab:

  • and on the Project page:

Now you can change the amount of resources allocated to the project.


You can delete a project by clicking Delete in the project context menu. The menu is available

  • in the Dashboard:

  • and on the Project page:

After a project is deleted, all its Deployments, Services, Domains, Configmaps and Solutions will also be deleted. Note: This action cannot be undone.


A project can be shared between several users. Admin user can add users and set access rights to the project by clicking the Manage team button on the project page.