How to manage Membership


Membership page allows managing all users of Containerum Platform and is only available to admin users. To access the page click on the Membership button in the user context menu.

View Users

You can see the list of registered users.

Create User

To register a new user, click Add User, enter user’s email and click Add. After that you will see a modal box with randomly generated user password.

Users can also register with Containerum Platform on their own by clicking Sign up on the login page. After users enter their email and password, their accounts need to be approved by an admin user.

To activate an account, go to Membership page and set user’s status to active.

You can also click on the user’s email and activate the account on the user page:

Manage User

Admin user can grant admin rights to any user and revoke them at any time on the Membership page.

You can also reset user’s password on this page by clicking Reset Password - this will reset the current password and generate a new one for the user.

Adding users to projects

Admin can add users to projects. To do that go to the Project page and click on the Manage Team button. Then click Add User, enter user’s email address, choose the permissions READ or WRITE and click Add. Users with READ permissions can only see objects within the project and cannot create or manage them.
Users with WRITE permissions can manage objects within the project, but cannot resize/delete the Project.


To deactivate a user, click on the bin icon to the right of the user’s email or go to the User page and click Delete. Then you will be asked to confirm User deactivation. Enter the user email and click Delete.