How to work with an Internal Service


Service is an object, used by applications for communication with each other within Containerum ecosystem or with external applications. An internal service connects deployments by the internal network of Kubernetes.

A detailed description of Internal Service is available here.


A project and a deployment are required to create a service.


To create an Internal service for a Deployment, choose an existing Project, go to Services section and click on the Create button.

Please note, that each service has to be linked to a particular deployment. If there are no deployments in your project yet, you have to create a deployment first.

Select a Deployment, then click on the INTERNAL SERVICE switch and fill in the fields:

  • Name - can include a-z, 0-9, -. Example: my-1-internal-service.
  • Port name - can include a-z, 0-9, -. Example: internal-port.
  • Port - for an internal service it is a port, that allows current deployment to communicate with another deployment within the cluster (0-9). Example: 8080.
  • Target port - Internal port. The port of the target deployment that has to be connected with the current deployment. In Dockerfile this is the port from the EXPOSE instruction (0-9). Example: 80.
  • Port protocol. Example: TCP.


You can view all services in the services tab (/projects/:idNamespace/services).

You can also click on a service and see detailed information like ports and linked deployments. (/project/:idNamespace/services/:serviceName).


You can update any service by clicking Update in the context menu on the Services tab or on a page with detailed information about the service.

You can change port parameters, delete or add new ports, but you cannot change the name of the internal service.

After changing the required information, click on UPDATE SERVICE.


You can Delete a service by clicking Delete in the context menu on the Services tab or on the page with detailed information about the service.

Note: by clicking Delete you will delete the service immediately. This action cannot be undone. When you delete an Internal Service you will also delete the connection between the deployments that were linked by this service.