How to work with a Domain


Domain is the address where you or other Internet users can access your application.


Domains can be created for an external service only.

After creating an external service, you’ll be offered to create a domain for it.

You can also create a domain by clicking Create in the Domains tab on the Project page.

Fill in the fields:
- Service - External service which will be assigned the domain name (e.g. my-service)
- Domain - domain name (e.g.
- /Path - path for the external service on the domain (e.g. /blog will bind the service to
- Enable SSL Security - tick the box if you want to issue a certificate for the domain.

Once done, click Create Domain.


You can view your domains in the Domains tab on the Project page:

You can also view the domains across all projects on the Domains page (/tools => /domains):


Once created, a domain cannot be updated.


To delete a domain go to the Domains tab on the Project page and click Delete in the context menu of the Domain you want to delete.

You can also delete domains on the Domains page (/tools => /domains).

Connections and dependencies

A domain is bound to the external service it is assigned to.