How to work with a Configmap


Configmap is an object that is basically a key-value storage. It can contain any text data, for example, configuration artifacts, certificates, keys or environment variables. Configmap data is stored without any encryption, so you should only add the data that does not have additional security requirements.


To create a ConfigMap, choose an existing Project, go to ConfigMaps section and click on the Create button.

You can also create a ConfigMap by clicking ConfigMaps in the TOOLS tab on the Dashboard.

Заполните поле Name of ConfigMap Файл для вашей конфигмапы вы можете добавить вручную заполнив поля Имя файла и Конфигурация. Вы можете добавить несколько файлов нажав кнопку +FILE. Также вы можете загрузить готовый файл с конфигурацией нажав кнопку Add File.

Then click on the Create ConfigMap. Done.


You can view your Configmaps in the ConfigMaps tab on the Project page:

You can also view the ConfigMaps across all projects on the ConfigMaps page (/tools => /configmap):


Once created, a ConfigMap cannot be updated.


To delete a ConfigMap go to the ConfigMaps tab on the Project page and click Delete in the context menu of the ConfigMap you want to delete.

You can also delete Configmaps on the Configmaps page (/tools => /configmap).