Getting started with Containerum Online

Here are the fist steps to launch your first application on Containerum Online.

1. Registration

To start using Containerum, register with your email, and prove that you are not a robot.

You will receive a letter with registration confirmation link shortly.

Click the link - the registration is complete! Now you will see the Dashboard page.

2. Billing

The next step is to top up your account. In the right drop-down menu choose Billing.

On the Billing page click Add funds to top up your account with your card or PayPal.

3. Create a Project

Now create your first Project.

Go to the Projects tab and click Add a project.

Now choose the size of your Project.

Now that you have created a Project you can go the Project page.

You can access all your Projects at the Projects tab in the main menu.

4. Create a Deployment

Let’s create your first Deployment. Click Create on the Deployment page.

Enter the Deployment name and the number of replicas - 1.

Enter the following data: - container name - hello. - docker image you want to use - containerum/helloworld. - CPU (in mCPU) and RAM (in Mi) - 500.

Then click Create deployment.

5. Create a Service

Now let’s create an external service for your project to make it accessible from the outside.

On the Services tab click Create.

Now create an external service.

Choose the target deployment, enter the service name, port name and port address (80).


6. Create a Domain

Now let’s create a domain for this external service. Click Create domain.

Enter the domain name and check Enable SSL Security box.

7. Go to the domain page

Go to the Tools tab in the main menu and choose Domains. You will see the list of your domains.

Click on the domain or enter the address manually in a new tab to see your application.

Congratulations! You’ve just created a Project and launched an application on Containerum Online Platform.