Getting started with Containerum

Here are the fist steps to launch your first application on Containerum.

1. Create a Project

To start launching and managing applications on Containerum you need to create a Project.

Go to the Projects tab and click Add a project.

Fill in the required fields: project name, CPU and RAM that you want to allocate to the project.

Now that you have created a Project you can go to the Project page.

You can access all your Projects on the Projects tab in the main menu.

2. Create a Deployment

Let’s create your first Deployment. We will use nginx. Click Create on the Deployment page. To use an image from a private registry, add a Secret for the deployment. You can find the instructions here.

Enter the Deployment name and the number of replicas, e.g., 1.

Enter the following data:
- container name - nginx-container.
- docker image you want to use - nginx.
- CPU (in mCPU) and RAM (in Mi) - 500.

Then click Create deployment.

3. Create a Service

Now let’s create an external service for your application to make it accessible from the outside.

Click Create on the Services tab.

Choose the target deployment, enter the service name, port name and port number (80).


4. Access applications by External IP.

In case a DNS name is provided for Containerum UI, you can access applications by External IP. Go to the Services tab on the Project page. Go the the Service page by clicking on the service and then click on the Link with the port. Done! You have accessed nginx by the external IP.

5. How to add a new user.

To add a new user to Containerum, go to Membership page and click on the Add User button on Users tab. Enter the email of a new user and click Add. After that you will see a modal box with randomly generated user password.

6. How to add a user to a project.

To add a user to a project, go to the Project page and click on the Manage Team button.

Then click Add User, enter user’s email address, choose the permissions (read, write) and click Add.

Please, see docs for more details about configuring and using Containerum Platform.