Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is Containerum?

A: Containerum is a Platform for application delivery and management in Kubernetes clusters. It allows automating CI/CD operations for small, medium and large-scale projects via Web UI and CLI.

Q: How is Containerum different from other Kubernetes platforms?

A: Containerum allows building automated pipelines for projects within the cluster so that you can deliver easier and faster. Additionally, you can track revision history and rollback to any previous configuration in a matter of clicks. Containerum extends user and role management of Kubernetes for better security and teamwork capabilities.

Q: How can I build my Kubernetes cluster with Containerum?

A: First, you should have nodes (or VMs) with CentOS and Docker. Second, install Kubernetes. Finally, install Containerum. That’s it!

Q: Should I use CLI or Web Panel to work with Containerum?

A: There are two ways to interact with Containerum: chkit CLI and Web Panel. Both tools offer the same level of performance. Which one to choose depends on your preferred way of working with applications.

Q: Where can I get the source code for Containerum?

A: The source code for each Containerum component is available as a separate repository on GitHub. You can view the list of components and Containerum architecture on the GitHub project page.

Q: How much does Containerum cost?

A: Containerum is open source software that comes free of charge. You can use, share and/or modify Containerum components as you like and contribute to the project on GitHub.

Q: Something doesn’t seem to work right. Can you help me?

A: Yes. Please, create an issue on GitHub and we will look in the matter asap.

Q: Can I get more support?

A: Sure, Containerum offers additional support and maintenance of your cluster. Prices are available here.