Contribute to Containerum Platform project

Containerum project welcomes all contributions. Before submitting a contribution, please read this document carefully.

Containerum consists of several components written in GO. To contribute, please go to the component repository and sumbit all changes there:

  • api-gateway provides routing for Containerum components
  • user-manager is a service for managing users, groups, credentials, blacklists for Containerum
  • resource manages Kubernetes namespace objects: deployments, ingresses, etc.
  • permissions manage user access to enable teamwork
  • kube-api is a set of API for communication between Containerum and K8s
  • auth handles user authorization and token management
  • mail is a mail server and newsletter template manager
  • ui is Web User Interface for Containerum
  • chkit is CLI for Containerum

Note: containerum/containerum contains the helm charts for Containerum platform. The source code for each component is available in the project repositories above.

Contribution guidelines

To submit a contribution, please follow these guidelines:

  1. Go to the repository with the component you’d like to work on.

  2. Create an issue to inform us about the problem you are trying to solve and fork the master branch.

  3. Make changes and push them to your forked repository.

  4. Once done, create a pull request to merge your fork with the develop branch of the original repo. Don’t forget to describe the changes you are about to commit.

  5. We will review the proposed changes and if everythings is alright, we will add them to the next release.

Containerum Team