The documentation guides you through Containerum Platform installation, configuration and usage. For convenience, this documentation has been divided into 4 core parts:

  • Installation section describes how to install Containerum Platform.

  • Configuration section contains manuals on how to get Containerum Platform ready to work with your cluster.

  • Objects section describes key Containerum Platform concepts and the basics of operating them.

  • CLI sections contains Containerum Platform CLI commands and build instructions.

There are also several auxiliary sections:

  • CI/CD section contains instructions to help you integrate your preferred CI tools with Containerum for instant deployment.
  • FAQ section contains Frequently Asked Questions.
  • Release Notes contain release notes for Containerum Platform and Containerum Platform CLI.
  • Contribute section contains contribution instructions for Containerum Platform.

Features - Containerum

Containerum is a platform that enables Revision control, CI/CD pipelines and teamwork.